Catalogo Wow Italy Novità 2022

FRIZZO studiolucianobertoncini, 2022 LOB wow team, 2022 LOB001 sofa 186x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB002 sofa 156x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB003 central 186x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB004 central 156x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB005 central 96x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB006 leftend 186x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB007 leftend 156x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB008 rightend 186x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB009 rightend 156x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB010 leftend 96x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB011 rightend LOB014 leftendisland 170x125xH70,Hs38cm LOB012 central 96x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB013 corner 190x96xH70,Hs38cm LOB015 rightendisland 170x125xH70,Hs38cm LOB016 chaiseloungeleftend 200x130xH70,Hs38cm LOB017 chaiseloungerightend 200x130xH70,Hs38cm FRI001 sofa/doublesunbedwithsidetable 220x126xH76,Hs42cm FRI002 sofa/doublesunbedwithsidetable 220x126xH76,Hs42cm FRI003 sofa/doublesunbed 189x126xH76,Hs42cm FRI004 sofa/doublesunbed 189x126xH76,Hs42cm FRI005 singlesunbed 189x76xH76,Hs42cm birchplywoodbasefinish natural DIMENSIONS &MATERIALS WOW Italy / Our Daily Outdoor Life powdercoatedsteel framefinishes RAL7016 anthracitegrey RAL9001 creamwhite • cushions are not included, informations anddimensions onpage 78 • • cushionCUS003 included, informations anddimensions onpage 78, quantities of cushions included are indicated in the drawings below • 76